QPH File Processor utility v3

The QPH File Processor will extract security and investment price information held within a Quicken® personal finance QPH file. The utility is freeware.

The QPH File Processor utility was first written in 2007 because some versions of Quicken published in some countries do not have the capability to export historical securities prices. The utility enables a Quicken user to directly access the security price history data stored in a QPH file. A QPH file of up to 100MB (104,857,600 bytes) can be processed.

The utility will not change the QPH file.

Version 3 has a much simpler user interface. Prices for all securities, for one date, a date range or all dates, can be extracted. Output is a tab-delimited text file, or a Quicken-compatible CSV file (security code, price, date). A security list is also created. All three files are created in the same folder as the source QPH file.

Output data should be used with care. Stock splits, stock consolidations and other stock adjustments are not arithmetically recorded by Quicken in any QPH file. The output data reflects the raw price and corresponding date stored by Quicken within the QPH file.

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